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To use our world-class experience and knowledge of service and leadership to enhance the offering of customer service, helping businesses to develop their people and grow their profits


Boracay is revitalised and ready to welcome back the world! The world, however, expects standards that rival the competition. This can make a happy customer into a loyal one, meaning they are likely to recommend to friends and family, give you great reviews online and even return for another stay. To make sure what you offer is better than they can find elsewhere, you need to provide the right service as well as an attractive, clean and safe place to stay.

We know that 60% of employees on the island should be from Malay but this goal is often unachievable because they don’t have the right skills. Now is the time to invest on your people and develop your skills.

We have an enviable track record of delivering training for the service sector, though not exclusively, in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Middle East and North Africa. We can offer you a range of learning events which cover a multitude of skills and we can design all this especially for you at a price you can afford. We will work with you to ensure the right learning takes place and we will take a holistic approach to cost. Our methods are fun, energetic and outcome-focused. We do not deliver our training as presentations; instead, they are interactive and fun yet always taking into account the comfort of the learner i.e. we do not do role play or make learners do anything they don’t like.

Our head coach, Antony, has won a host of major awards for learning and development (see our Gallery). He has helped turn businesses around through coaching, sales training, sales development and leadership training.

For the first time, we give you the chance to get world-class learning for your team members and managers right here on Boracay and across the Philippines.

So, have a browse around our website then contact us for a no obligation chat.


Antony Smith

Antony has twenty years’ experience in learning and development, having spent most of his career in leisure, hospitality and tourism. He worked as a regional trainer for TUI, the multi-national tour operator based in Spain, Italy, Greece and the UK then led major international projects to install and develop training functions in several large companies from zero, leading to a highly-skilled and happy workforce, an uplift in customer satisfaction and higher profits.  He has led teams to win a host of major and prestigious awards for learning and development. He divides his time between London and Malay.

Pauline Ong

Born and brought up in Malay, Pauline has made a success of being a healthcare professional. She has worked overseas in Cyprus and the UK and has excellent knowledge of the tourism and hospitality market on Boracay and beyond. She has a daughter in school in Malay and divides her time between London and Malay. She is a partner in Boracay Hospitality Academy and works with Antony to deliver world-class training. She can offer training in Tagalog and Akeanon as well as English.


We can’t make it alone. We need your help. Your small help can bring a big change.



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