Here is just a selection of the training events we can organise for you – we can offer even more. We will work with you to make this competitively priced so you get the best value. Before we design training, we will find out what your goals are and what changes you wish to see. After the training, we will evaluate the success of the learning by measuring key indicators. These are outlines of content that can be amended to suit your needs. 

Boracay accredited essential customer service skills
  • Explain the importance of a positive first impression: how to give a warm welcome
  • Describe what ‘service from the heart’ means
  • List ideas for providing service in a busy, challenging environment
  • State how to handle changes to a customer’s order
  • Recognise key problem-solving techniques
  • Illustrate what ‘seamless service’ looks like: making sure your customers get consistency
  • Define what makes your customers return and recommend
  • Discuss what makes a ‘positive goodbye’
Boracay accredited advanced customer service skills
  • Contrast loyalty with satisfaction
  • List words that generate good feelings in customers and identify those that do not
  • Describe what makes good complaint handling
  • Create ideas on how you can WOW your customers – doing more than expected – and leave with some real action points to put into place
Complaint resolution
  • Explain how service recovery creates loyalty and recommendation
  • Cite examples of how complaints can be prevented – being pro-active
  • List the five steps to complaint handling
  • Determine how you can involve the customer in the solution
  • Differentiate taking ownership from working as a individual
  • Discuss real case studies and advise how they could have been resolved effectively
  • Trace the link between service and sales
  • Describe the various personality types and how best to sell to them
  • Demonstrate the use of features and benefits in selling
  • Explain how close a sale in a mutually-beneficial way
  • Give examples of how you can follow up a sale – selling even more
Incremental sales
  • Discuss the art of upselling
  • List opportunities to upsell
  • Structure your service to enable upselling
  • State how to upsell using features and benefits
  • Describe ways of gaining the confidence to upsell
  • Generate ideas for upselling in your business
Management/ leadership (a selection of the many modules we offer)
  • Management styles
  • Trust and empowerment
  • Delegation
  • Motivation
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Setting objectives
  • Appraisals
  • Role modelling
Team building
  • Creative, energetic activities to bring together your teams
  • Objective-focused (to suit your needs)
  • Outdoor and indoor-based
  • Fun and beneficial
Presentation skills
  • Put together an engaging presentation
  • Use visual aids in an interesting way
  • Practice managing an audience
  • Employ good use of voice tone and pace
  • Deliver a presentation and gain feedback
  • Explain the four steps to successful coaching
  • Describe the benefits to the individual of coaching
  • Prepare a genuine coaching session using targeted questions
  • Practice a real coaching session with a partner and receive feedback
  • Reflect on the activity and identify key learning points and further development
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